April 30, 2021

How does your wedding photographer determine pricing?

When planning a wedding you can often end up feeling that as soon as it’s white or you put the word “wedding” in front of it, the price doubles and the budget becomes obliterated. And then you come to the next item on the list… booking the photographer and you are like “WHAAAAT”! It’s just a person and a camera!

So, how does your wedding photographer determine pricing?


  1. Before the wedding: a wedding photographer doesn’t just show up, shoot and leave. From the moment you inquire and until the day before the wedding, your photographer will easily invest between 5-10 hours in your wedding. It includes answering your enquiry, spending 1-3 hours in online meetings getting to know you and planning the events of the day, location scouting, contacting the venue for permits, finding a plan B if it’s raining, helping you with your wedding day timeline, finding and recommending trusted suppliers, talking to the toastmaster before the day… and whatever is needed to make sure your day becomes the best it can be. 
  2. During the wedding: most weddings last between 6-10 hours, some up to 14 hours. Your photographer will make sure to be there early, being your invisible best friend always thinking 2 hours ahead as they know from experience what COULD go wrong, making sure the timeline sticks, reminding your maid of honour to bring you food and water, calming your mum when she gets stressed, talking to your guests and so much more. All with a big smile and while documenting your day in the best way possible. 
  3. After the wedding: editing your pictures. On average, a photographer has between 2-3000 images to sort through, select and edit. For each hour of photographing, count 2-3 hours of editing.

Average hours worked per wedding: between 35-50 hours. 


Wedding photography is much more than point and shoot. It’s expensive to produce. Your photographer has to be prepared for most situations and needs gear that won’t fail on your big day. 

For most photographers that means 2-3 camera houses, 2-3 different lenses, external flashes, SD cards, external hard drives for back up and computer with true to colour screen. 

This all needs to stay up to date, maintained and replaced.

On average your wedding photographer will bring & use €10.000+ worth of gear. 


To provide its services, your photographer has a wide range of expenses to cover:

  • Business supplies: gallery platform, photo and video editing software, client management tool, accounting and backup platforms, just to mention a few.
  • Insurance: if your photographer is fully self employed they will need insurance just like any other business owner. This needs to cover equipment, health, accidents and cancellations. 
  • Taxes: yes they pay taxes. Depending on the country they pay on average 20% to 30% in VAT and after that, in our case, 37% income tax. On top comes expenses for a registered accountant. 
  • Travel: is the wedding not locally based expenses for accommodation, car, petrol  etc comes on top. 
  • Website and social platforms: your photographer spends hours maintaining their website with current material, SEO, advertising and planning relevant posts on social media. This all costs money and time.


Most importantly, and the reason why you got in touch with your photographer in the first place: their talent, unique style, experience and personality. 

When you think about it, you will probably spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than the person you marry. The fact is, your photographer is more than a person who delivers still images from your wedding. They are an active part of your day long before it starts and they invest a lot of time and energy in making sure it’ll be the best thing ever. 

Don’t just book at photographer, INVEST in it – invest in us!